Sage Smudge Bundles

Crystal Sage & Herbal Smudge Bundles

I Find that it is nice to smudge before healing practices, when in a new environment and whenever you feel the need to cleanse.

I like to make my bundles with an INTENTION in mind and label them with the intention“ I Am… “

I repeat my loving & healing intention while I’m lighting the bundle, visualizing it cleansing the negative energy and replacing it with positive ones. I light the smudging bundle with a candle and let the flame rise, and once it starts to smoke, I put it on a fire-proof surface.

When I smudge my room or house, I walk and hold the smudge bowl. I start in the furthest corner and make my way toward an open window. I do this and I visualize all of the negative energy leaving through the open window with the smoke, also repeating my intentions.

When I am finished, I will extinguish the bundles with a bit of water and as the bundles are quite large, I usually am able to reuse them again.

The beautiful crystal that accompanies the bundle can be kept as a lovely memento of a healing, cleansing ritual.

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