Essential Oils



Essential Oils


An essential oil by definition:  a class of volatile oils that give plants their characteristic odours and are used for flavourings in food and beverages, perfumery and aromatherapy.


There is a vast array of essential oils that are used within the realms of aromatherapy and a vast number of fabulous books and articles that have been written on the subject. If you find aromatherapy interesting, may I suggest that you follow that urge, as learning about aromatherapy just might change your life! Or at the very least, add some scent!

Some of my favourite oils in my collection ~ yup, I collect essential oils~ easily have to be my 5 different types of lavender, ~organic and of differing origins~ , eucalyptus globulus young leaves, eucalyptus smithi  and clary sage.

I love lavender essential oils as they tend to be safe and calming for almost everyone.  They have a wonderful fresh scent and are healing & calming to skin.   I use this oil on an almost daily basis to diffuse in my home.

Eucalyptus Oils have differing properties dependant upon the specific type, but generally speaking they have antiviral properties, and as such,  I find them useful for upper respiratory illness and beneficial for aches & strains. I use this oil almost every evening to diffuse the air for easy, cleaner air while sleeping.

Clary sage has a wonderful woodsy clean scent that I absolutely adore. It just makes me happy! There have been some suggestions that this oil is useful with PMS and that it should be avoided in pregnancy.


I deal primarily with one essential oil provider whose majority of oils are organic and free trade. I’m sure that there are many great suppliers out there, but I chose to deal with this company as they have relationships with their suppliers, therefore being accountable to the consumer by wholly practicing organic or safe sustaining farming practices. So please be sure that you know your supplier. Do your research and know that while sometimes you can get a great deal, usually you get what you pay for. Don’t sacrifice on quality.



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